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Types of Brand Photography

Brand photography involves the use of specific imagery, that will appear on websites, in brochures, and most importantly on social media.


These images include on-location photographs or headshots of the company leaders, team photos, images of the office environment of the company, images of products and/or services, and even corporate events or meetings, of which the latter can be uploaded to Twitter and Facebook in real-time or used in later publicity endeavors.


Team Photography

School children free stock photo


This is an ideal way of giving consumers a feel for the company as a whole. It is also a way to attract new and talented employees to the brand. Many upwardly mobile companies are going for a feel of uniqueness over conformity, thereby foregoing a specific dress code.


There may be a certain style of dress that is appropriate for different business models, but in a highly competitive and creative market, avoiding the feeling of conformity can be advantageous.


The truth is, this along with using non-traditional locations for photography can help promote the company’s culture and personality.


One great way to convey a real feeling of the personality and culture of the office environment is by taking photos of employees in the midst of their element.


Product photography

Product image by Vertizon Photography


If you sell physical products, professional shots will definitely help to increase sales. If done correctly with lighting, your products will look more crisp and clear so your customers can see the product in more detail, rather than taking images with mobiles or smaller compact cameras which can lead to your images losing some detail and definition.


Interior Design & Offices

While photographing the team in their element will surely capture some of the personality and culture of the company, so too will photographing the environment itself. That is, photographing the office design itself speaks to the organization and culture of the company.


The office layout communicates to potential employees and consumers the personality and culture of the company.


When it comes to attracting potential talent to the company the images of the office environment will show how it is that employees perform their jobs as well as how well the company feels about its employees. This is something that is also important to many consumers, who can connect to a brand that is sensitive to the needs of and appreciates the work of its employees.


The workspace is a direct reflection of the company or organization. It is important to capture the office design and any pertinent branding within the environment through photography to communicate the feel and to create a connection to the brand.


The photograph captures the conservative contemporary style of the furnishings, expressing an environment that is work, play, and relaxation all in one. The brand makes the office area feel like a place that employees would actually enjoy spending their days and maybe even their Friday nights.

Building a brand with photography involves creating desire, being consistent, being distinctive, reflecting the personality of the brand, and showing products clearly and accurately.

Brand photography requires products and services to be shown off in the most desirable way, the photographic style to remain consistent as the brand is also consistent, the need to be unique from other leaders in the market, to put a face on the product(s) or service(s) in such a way that allows the audience to identify and connect with the brand, and ultimately to make the brand the hero in the photography and not the props or styling.

Olayimika Babajide
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