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Signage Checklist Ideas for Companies in a Post COVID-19 World

Here is a checklist of signage and graphics type to use for communicating COVID-19 spread prevention messages.


Use Interior Floor Decals & Graphics

Floor graphics can be useful in wayfinding and communicating designated specific rooms and areas that are restricted or quarantined. Floor decals can help people maintain a two-meter or six feet perimeter from others. At the same time, arrow graphics and wayfinding signs can ensure the safe flow of foot traffic to mitigate the risk of cross-contamination.



Our interior floor decals and graphics are tough and resistant to scratches, scuffs, and marks. Our interior floor decals and graphics are slip and skid-resistant. They are thick enough to be durable, yet thin enough, so they meld right into the floor, and they’re not a nuisance for people or machinery to walk or drive over.


Show Your Commitment to Safe Hygiene Through The Use of Sneeze Guards

At counters and customer service stations, acrylic sneeze guards will act as barriers to coughing, sneezing, and other airborne hazards, further reducing the risk of contamination.



Businesses that experience substantial crowding where customers interface with employees regularly such as banks, schools, airports, entertainment spots and more may be obligated to install sneeze guards and also carry out regular temperature checks, which will require extensive signage such as a-frames, banners, and banner stands to spread the word.


Visual Reminder for Hygiene

Even after quarantine is over, businesses will be expected to practice much stricter sanitation practices than in the past. Germ prevention signage promoting handwashing and other best practices will be a ubiquitous site in many buildings. Hand sanitizer stations will need to be readily available and clearly marked.


Place posters that provide tips for reducing the spread of germs around your office or facility. Put up small signs and floor decals in restrooms and break rooms reminding employees that one of the best ways to stay healthy is to wash their hands carefully. Use images along with written instructions that show the proper way to do so.


Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

It is especially important if your business operations have changed to ensure wayfinding signage is in place to direct employees and visitors to the best routes in your building to avoid excess lingering. Mark entrances and exits with clear, compliant signs. Use Braille, bilingual, and universal signage elements to help accessibility.


We believe every organization should have the tools needed to plan for the return to the office during these uncertain times, and we want to help. Please contact us to begin a conversation about how these tools can support you now and into the future.

Olayimika Babajide
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