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1. Discuss


2. Make


3. Product

1. Case Study

We were approached by the MYW team to help develop a simple basic website just to create a web presence and also communicate what MYW is all about.

2. Result

A simple responsive website that is optimised for mobile experience with extra features like a showcase of both past and upcoming MYW events, a resources page, videos upload and more.

3. Experience

After a couple of meeting with the client to understand the MYW brand and what kind of website the client want; based on the client's vision, we decided to go a little further to create what will benefit the client more than just a web presence. At the end, everyone went home happy. 


Client: Move Your World Conferences  

Date: February, 2014


The MYW Conference is a transformational Forum which aims to help professionals, entrepreneurs and upwardly thinking individuals, transit from a world of survival to that of significance.


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