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People are often surprised when they hear that some companies actually pay agencies to name things. WHY? They say (or think). 

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The perception of brand naming as something that anyone can do if they really put their mind to it—as opposed to a highly specialized, rigorous craft—is widespread in our environment today. Because who hasn’t named something at some point in their lives? So how hard can it be? 

Even companies that pays good money to create brand names don’t always realize the complexities and challenges of the process. Fact is, brand naming—good brand naming—can be very hard in today’s marketplace. It needs to do a lot of things well. And avoid doing other things (like stepping on someone else’s brand name—also known as trademark infringement).

For while a great name can’t guarantee your company’s or product’s success, it can go a long way towards telegraphing what makes your brand great and attracting customers. Despite its vital importance, few people (and we’re including marketing professionals here) understand all that goes into a successful brand naming process and a great brand name. 

Why a brand name is important? 

Your brand name is the foundation for all your other marketing efforts. It’s part of your customers’ very first experience of your brand–and likely, every experience thereafter. It’s the verbal trigger that conjures up your brand in your customers’ minds. When customers see or hear your brand name for the first time, the associations and reactions they have will start to define your brand in their minds, for better or worse. 

A good brand name can go a long way in: 

  •  engaging your customers emotionally
  •  identifying what sort of product or service you’re offering
  •  differentiating you from competitors
  •  positioning your brand as the solution for a customer need or desire 
  •  piquing their curiosity and interest
  •  helping your customers remember your brand 

Good brand names will do at least three of these things—even before you’ve spent a penny on marketing! 

On the other hand, a bad name will provoke little, if any, positive interest among your audience. It may even mislead them about the nature of your offering and how great it is. You’ll have lost a golden opportunity. 

Culled from CATCH WORD

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