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1. Discuss


2. Make


3. Product

1. Case Study

Our client wanted a print ad design that is aimed at account professionals, mostly CFOs in top organisation. The goal of this print ad is to position SERVE as a market leader and the preferred Business consulting partner of choice in West Africa.

The design was to be centred around "Clarity in the storm". Given the current economic trends, companies are constantly looking for means to cut cost, stay afloat and maintain increase their profit in the dwindling economy. We were also asked to design posters for internal branding and bus stop shelters.

2. Result

We created a couple of designs with different concept showing turbulence, confusion and then clarity...and two other designs that resonates with accounting/accountants.

At the end, one was chosen as a winner for the print Ad. For the posters and bus shelter ads, we went the simple way by creating clean clear designs that people can relate to with things we come in contact with daily or in the media.

3. Experience

We started by coming up with rough sketches of what we feel will communicate the client's message better and also provided them with the design concept they gave us to create. Eventually, after treads of email back and forth, our own idea of how the message should be communicated was chosen.


Client: Serve Consulting 

Date: 1st February, 2016


SERVE CONSULTING is a Business Consulting company with deep experience in rendering Business Advisory and Technology Solutions Services. SERVE is the leading SAP consulting firm in Nigeria.

They provide tailored business solutions designed to increase efficiency, improve productivity and raise the bottom line. Their goal is to transform businesses and provide clients with the tools they need to meet strategic objectives and achieve their full potential.

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