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1. Discuss


2. Make


3. Product

 1. Case Study

Creatively, the challenge was clear. 

2. Result

We needed to give Salta-Bafco a signature brochure a great visual that stands-out with a powerful ability to engage and inspire customers. .

3. Experience

Combining excitement and reassurance with wonderful innovative modern product design series to explore... An expert guide always on hand to showcase a wide range of Salta-Bafco high-end design trends and ideas.


Client: Salta-Bafco

Date: 2013


Salta ICCL, a leading engineering and infrastructure company in partnership with Bafco, a leading Middle East provider of interior workspaces. Salta-Bafco provides ways to achieve an environment that inspires people to excel.  With expertise in office design, they create workplaces that inspire people and supports business performance.

They have assisted many companies with practical ideas to create ergonomic working environments out of empty spaces. Their  professional teams of consultants and designers provide ideal furnishing and interior solutions to suit every style and budget.


طراحی سایتطراحی وب سایتسرور مجازیوکیل دادگستریوکیل پایه یکوکیل دادگستریوکیل پایه یکپارتیشن دوجدارهپارتیشن