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1. Discuss


2. Make


3. Product

1. Case Study

After developing the visual language (mainly the branding & guidelines,) and tagline for the church we were retained to develop the website. 

2. Result

The identity theme continues to the website. The shots of the ministry member draw viewers in and invite them to click through the site pages. It's a hint at what's inside and sets up all of the ministries/brands under the HarvestHouse Christian Centre brand as a church for everyone. Having that in mind, we took it a little further by creating a live chat platform where any visitor that visits the site can ask questions or make further enquiry or seek counsel. We also create a live streaming channel where anybody from any parts of the world can log on and be part of any of the services.

3. Experience

Playing off of the concept of simplicity, elegance, and the overarching theme of service - excellence - we were able to push the boundaries a bit here and go towards unconventional mediums. The friendly feel gave a nod to each of the concepts . 


Client: HarvestHouse Christian Centre 

Date: January, 2014


HarvestHouse Christian Centre is  a God-sensitive and seeker-friendly church in an environment and atmosphere where people’s needs are constantly being met, their minds empowered through the provision of relevant information and sustainable inspirations, their spirit fed and men and women are steered up into action with passion towards the fulfilment of their God ordained destinies.

HCC mission is raising models, empowering saints , fulfilling destinies.


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